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July 18, 2022

CLE Transplant Profile: Amma Boakye

Where are you originally from or where else have you lived?

I am originally from Oakland, California. I have lived in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Republic of Georgia, Washington DC, and Ann Arbor MI.

Why did you choose to move/move back to Cleveland?

I got a job with a company I loved and was excited about. However, I had never spent any time in Cleveland so I was apprehensive about moving here. Friends who were from Cleveland staged a “Cleveland Sell-weekend” for me and took me around the city to show how great it was. It was that sell-weekend that made my decision.

Which neighborhood do you currently live in and what are your favorite parts about it?

I live in the Hingetown neighborhood of Ohio City.

What is your favorite part of living in Cleveland?

There are a lot of young leaders doing amazing work in the community that suggests a bright future for the city.

How does Cleveland compare to other cities where you’ve lived?

The people are incredibly thoughtful, it is easy to get involved with local initiatives that affect the community. There are parts of the city that, in terms of outdoor space, specific buildings, or general urban planning, are just beautiful. Cleveland has a lot to offer compared to other cities.

Where would you take a newcomer to show them the best that Cleveland has to offer?

I’d take someone to a game at Progressive, a walk through Hingetown or Tremont, a bike ride on the Lakefront trail through Edgewater, and to many of my favorite places to eat and drink – Larder, Momocho, Il Rione, and Butcher and the Brewer to name a few.

What was the most interesting misconception(s) you heard about Cleveland when you lived elsewhere? What did you discover when living here that changed your opinion?

I honestly just knew nothing about Cleveland and did not think there was a “narrative” or a sales pitch for what the city is or where the city is going. Now that I have moved here and lived here for a while, I fully see and appreciate all of the great things that Cleveland has to offer – food, art, culture, outdoors, overall quality of life.

What would be your message/advice to other young professionals thinking of relocating to Cleveland?

Give it a chance! Come visit for a week with someone who knows the city. You’ll be surprised at how well it shows.

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