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June 15, 2022

Cleveland’s Best Intermural Leagues

It’s summer and that means you might be looking to get involved in some sports leagues. Not sure where to start? We’ve researched some great ways you can get moving and get connected!

  • Beach Volleyball on Whiskey Island – Whether you’re starting at the rec level or interested in a more competitive team, they have co-ed options for both teams of 4 or 6! Most games are Wednesday nights, but depending on your skill level, they have options for Tuesdays or Thursdays. 

  • Softball at Brookside Park – This casual rec league is great for a group of friends to start up a team, or join one that’s already formed! League rules require 10 players on the field, 6 male/4 female. Teams can play no more than 6 males and no less than 2 females in the field.

  • Soccer at Sportsplex in North Olmsted – Their summer leagues offer Men’s, Women’s, Co-ed, and Co-ed 30+ options. They run on a 6 game schedule and kick off their league at the end of June. The deadline to apply is 1 week prior! 

  • Kickball at Voinovich Park – Who doesn’t love kickball? All teams are co-ed and must have 8 players (including 3 females). Typically held on Wednesday nights, the league plays 1 game per week with 7-innings. The registration deadline is the end of June, and the league starts in early July!

  • Cornhole at Saucy Brew Works – Grab a brew and a slice before your game as you vibe out at Saucy’s Vibe Garden! They play a 9-week regular season, with three games a week. With most of the games on Sundays, this is a perfect way to round out your weekend!

  • Ship Shape Run Club – North Coast Harbor’s wellness initiative, Ship Shape Running Club, is the perfect way to enjoy Downtown Cleveland and burn calories each Thursday evening from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm. They typically run about 1-mile plus routes, and the hour includes warm-ups and cool-downs!

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