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Employer Member Spotlight: Jewish Federation of Cleveland 

Engage! Cleveland is proud to have over 130 employer members who support our cause of making Cleveland a lasting home for the next generation. Please join us in welcoming one of our newest members by reading about them below.

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland is a vital organization that plays a central role in supporting and enriching the Jewish community in Cleveland and beyond. With a rich history and a deep commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world), the Federation is dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of the community and fostering a vibrant and inclusive Jewish life.

Through its wide range of programs, initiatives, and partnerships, the Federation works to strengthen Jewish identity, support Jewish education, and promote social justice and humanitarian causes. From providing vital social services to advocating for Israel and global Jewry, the Federation is a driving force for positive change and impact.

One of the Federation’s key priorities is to ensure the continuity and vibrancy of Jewish life for future generations. Through its support of Jewish day schools, summer camps, and youth programs, the Federation is investing in the next generation of Jewish leaders and ensuring that Jewish values and traditions continue to thrive.

In addition to its work in the local community, the Federation is also deeply committed to supporting Jews in need around the world. Whether in times of crisis or through ongoing partnerships, the Federation provides critical aid and resources to vulnerable Jewish communities, helping to build a more secure and resilient global Jewish family.
The Federation’s impact is made possible through the generous support of donors, volunteers, and community partners. By coming together, the Jewish community in Cleveland has the power to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families, both locally and around the world.

In conclusion, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland is a beacon of hope, strength, and unity for the Jewish community. Through its unwavering commitment to Jewish values and its dedication to service, the Federation is a force for good, enriching the lives of countless individuals and embodying the timeless spirit of tikkun olam.

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