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Employer Member Spotlight: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 

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In this blog post, we delve into the vital work of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) in safeguarding public health and the environment through innovative wastewater and stormwater management practices.


The NEORSD stands as a beacon of excellence in wastewater treatment, covering an extensive area of 363 square miles and serving 63 communities with a population of one million residents. Annually treating nearly 90 billion gallons of wastewater, NEORSD’s commitment to environmental stewardship is unparalleled.

Key Initiatives

  1. Project Clean Lake: A groundbreaking construction program by NEORSD aimed at reducing Lake Erie pollution by an impressive 4 billion gallons by 2036.
  2. Regional Stormwater Management Program: Addressing widespread issues like flooding, pollution, and erosion through collaborative solutions that transcend community boundaries.
  3. Industrial Pre-treatment: NEORSD’s efforts to identify and reduce pollutants within the sewage collection system through pollution prevention strategies.
  4. Environmental Services and Laboratory: Highlighting NEORSD’s state-certified laboratory, water quality surveillance, stormwater maintenance, and inspection services.
  5. Engineering and Construction: An overview of NEORSD’s significant investments in infrastructure to protect public health and the environment through a blend of gray and green infrastructure projects.

Educational Resources

NEORSD’s commitment to community engagement is evident through its educational resources, emphasizing awareness and understanding of wastewater management among residents.


The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and public health underscores its pivotal role as a leader in wastewater and stormwater management. Through innovative projects and collaborative programs, NEORSD continues to set benchmarks for effective environmental stewardship.

By encapsulating these key points from the NEORSD webpage, your blog post can effectively showcase the impactful work of this essential organization in Northeast Ohio.

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