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3615 Superior Ave Unit 4403C Cleveland OH 44114



Company Type: Nonprofit
Number of Employees: 10
% of Young Professional Employees: 30%

How would you describe your culture?

Our culture falls in line with our core values — hope, community, empowerment, curiosity, and transformation. These ideals hold true for everyone who encounters our organization — team members, board members, volunteers, partners, clients, and more. We love to create a space where ideas can flourish and every person involved can live up to their fullest potential. Collaboration, transparency, and fairness are highly valued and we all have a shared responsibility to work towards our mission.

What are your key values?

Hope, community, empowerment, curiosity, and transformation


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Office Closed for Holidays
  • Remote Work Options
  • Paid Time Off
  • Diversity & Inclusion Resources and/or Training
    What types of positions do you typically hire young professionals for?

    The Case Manager role is essential to the organization and a great position for Young Professionals seeking to build connections, develop leadership skills, and advocate for others.

    What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

    Candidates are first and foremost compassionate people who want to make a difference. Leading with DEI principles, empathy, and emotional intelligence, they should be equipped to handle uncertain, sensitive situations. Social and self-awareness are highly valued qualities. Candidates should be well-versed in typical office functions while also demonstrating problem-solving, critical thinking, and excellent communication skills. A candidate who is organized, disciplined, but also socially adept would thrive in our organization.

    Do you have volunteering or other civic engagement opportunities. If so, please describe.

    Yes, our organization is centered around volunteering and civic engagement! Those who are interested can apply to one of our two main programs focused on consistent relationship-building with youth and families. Through our programs, volunteers have the opportunity to positively impact how people experience the foster care system by just showing up every month and being themselves! We also have opportunities for those who want to become involved but cannot commit long-term. We offer one-time engagement opportunities to directly help families with urgent needs by providing necessary resources. We would also love to partner with your company to bring new possibilities to the youth and families in our programs. If interested in these opportunities, please reach out to or fill out the contact form on our website.

    Do you have an internship programs or similar opportunities? If yes, please describe it.

    Yes! Interns can choose to be a part of our immersive case management or marketing internship program. In both positions, interns are invited to be fully part of the team and are considered essential. They have the opportunity to meet families, work independently, and gain knowledge in the industry. We offer a hybrid schedule that allows time for team collaboration and independent work. After their training, interns will be asked to complete projects, support the case management team, and take part in weekly meetings.

    Anything else that you would like to share about your company that would be beneficial for young and emerging professionals to know?

    Our two programs are titled ‘Love Box’ and ‘Dare to Dream’. The Love Box program is a holistic family support for those experiencing foster or kinship care. Cleveland Angels volunteers are called ‘Love Box Leaders’ and are matched with a family in their area. They then show up once a month as caring friends who can provide experiences, essential resources, a listening ear, and more. ‘Dare to Dream’ is our mentorship program in which youth in foster care are matched with consistent, empowering mentors who can help guide them through tailored individual milestones and help set them up for life after foster care. Any youth 11-22 years old who is aged out or in foster care is eligible for this support.

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