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3900 Euclid Ave Cleveland Ohio 44115



Company Type: Government
Number of Employees: 750
% of Young Professional Employees: ~200%

How would you describe your culture?

Our mission

Provide progressive regional management of sewage and stormwater that protects the environment and serves our community.

Our vision

Be the environmental leader in enhancing quality of life in the region and protecting its water resources.

What are your key values?

Our Core Values

Ethics, Honesty, and Transparency:

Maintain the highest standards with our customers, our business partners, and each other.

Environmental Stewardship:

Initiate and maintain effective practices of environmental sustainability through a commitment to a better tomorrow, a healthy environment, and strong communities.

Customer Focus:

Collaborate effectively with internal and external customers when considering decisions, policies, and programs.

Balanced and Informed Decision Making:

Formulate quality decisions based on objective metrics, analysis of our systems, customer needs, safe practices, and organizational goals, ideas, and perspectives.

Progressive Culture:

Facilitate positive changes and innovation that benefit the organization, our industry, and the region while fostering a learning environment and an engaged workforce.


Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion principles, policies, and practices are embedded into our work at all levels of the organization.


Accept responsibility, account for one’s action, and deliver on individual and collective commitments.


Demonstrate high regard, value, and consideration for self, others, community, and the environment.

  • Health insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Company Events
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Office Closed for Holidays

  • Mother’s Room

  • Remote Work Options

  • Retirement Plan

  • Educational Assistance

  • Bonuses/Raises
  • Sponsorship & Mentoring
  • Paid Time Off
  • Diversity & Inclusion Resources and/or Training
    What types of positions do you typically hire young professionals for?

    We hire Young Professionals across all positions within the organization Our departments include Engineering & Construction, Watershed Programs (Environmental), Administration & External Affairs, Operations & Maintenance, IT, HR, Legal, Finance, District Administration, and our Technical Services Group.

    What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

    Qualities that we look for in candidates are someone who is interested in making an impact in the community and surrounding environment. We also look for candidates who are interested in growth and development, bring a strong work ethic, have a high level of accountability and place a high value on integrity.

    What benefits do you offer to attract Young Professionals?

    The Sewer District offers a very competitive benefits package. Some highlights include our Tuition Assistance Program, Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program, Flexible/Hybrid Work Options, Paid Parental Leave, Employee Resource Groups, Employee Assistance Program, Outreach and Community Engagement Opportunities as well as participation in the Ohio Public Employers Retirement System, which includes a 14% employer contribution!

    Do you have volunteering or other civic engagement opportunities. If so, please describe.

    Yes, the Sewer District and our employees are very active in the community in regards to volunteer and civic engagement opportunities. You will often find our employees participating in public forums and attending various community events across all Northeast Ohio as well as regional and national events.

    Do you have an internship programs or similar opportunities? If yes, please describe it.

    We offer summer and year-round internships with the ability to extend for up to 2 years at the Sewer District’s discretion. We also offer a Clean Water Fellowship which is a 2 year rotational program for recent graduates who are interested in a career in the wastewater or water industry.

    Do you have any educational programs or opportunities that young professionals could benefit from?

    Yes, our Tuition Assistance Program. We also offer a wide variety of training and development opportunities throughout the year.

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