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1342 Granger Ave Lakewood OH 44107



Company Type: Non-profit
Number of Employees: 5
% of Young Professional Employees: 20%

How would you describe your culture?

Right Down Euclid is an independent nonprofit news organization providing dedicated coverage to anything and everything that deserves a spotlight in Cleveland or Northeastern Ohio.

The availability of local news is becoming more and more scarce. What is available is likely owned by a multimillion-dollar conglomerate or backed by venture capital without roots or legitimate interest in Cleveland or Northeastern Ohio.

What are your key values?

Our support from the community we’ve built has fueled us, and we always want to keep expanding so that we can become the best-possible news source for anyone with Northeastern Ohio roots, no matter where they are.

  • Remote Work Options
  • Company Events
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Flexible Schedule 
What types of positions do you typically hire young professionals for?

Freelance work, internships, editor positions, payroll, marketing, staff writer

What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

Being a Clevelander is a broad stroke of a brush and has created a beautiful community in the process. Right Down Euclid wants to give that community a reliable source for news and coverage and will only hire people with the same mentality and beliefs.

Right Down Euclid will emphasize that anyone and everyone will be considered for a position on our staff.
We also have fostered a community that is wholly inclusive to everyone and anyone, no matter their race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We want to advocate for marginalized individuals and give them a platform to feel like they are seen and have a voice. Right Down Euclid will have a home for you no matter who you are.

What benefits do you offer to attract Young Professionals?

Right Down Euclid offers opportunities for Young Professionals to grow as a journalist and change the scope of how our wonderful community is covered. We can also provide you the connections and resources that’ll allow you to properly grow and flourish!

Do you have an internship programs or similar opportunities? If yes, please describe it.

Yes – RDE has a mentorship program that is similar to an internship. If brought on board, RDE will pay the intern $250 monthly for three articles per month over the span of their contract. They will work directly with our team to have the assets/resources to grow and enrich themselves, their journalistic ability and the coverage of our community.

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