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Why We Love Cleveland: Allison Sayre

In an effort to better showcase our early to mid-career professional audience, and be the proud cheerleaders of Cleveland we know we are, Engage! Cleveland will be sharing stories from our Leadership Council. Hear the stories first-hand from the people who live and work in Cleveland, and hopefully become a cheerleader yourself, because this really is the place to be! 

Let’s hear from member Allison Sayre.


How long have you lived in Cleveland? I have lived in Cleveland for a little over 2 years.

Where are you originally from or where else have you lived? I am from North Canton, moved to Kent for college and then up to Cleveland!

Why did you choose to move/move back to Cleveland? I moved to Cleveland to start my job at Maloney + Novotny as an auditor.

Which neighborhood do you currently live in and what are your favorite parts about it? I currently live in the West Bank of the Flats/Ohio City.  My favorite part of the neighborhood I live in is that everything is extremely walkable and there is always something to do.  I can walk to the West Side Market, or Nanobrew, as well as Patron Saint and Saucy Brewworks.  I have even been able to walk to the Browns, Cavs, and Guardians games.  A quick bike ride to Edgewater and work!

What is your favorite part of living in Cleveland? My favorite part of living in Cleveland is the food scene.  There’s always a new restaurant popping up that has great food, for a reasonable price.  I also love the community we have in Cleveland.  The amount of nonprofits in Cleveland that are all out there trying to support the people living here is amazing to see.  Clevelanders really look out for each other!

Where would you take a newcomer to show them the best that Cleveland has to offer? I would start the morning at Edgewater Park, then to Good Company for lunch, head to Tremont to enjoy Lincoln Park events that are always happening, Visible Voice Bookstore is right down the street, and then end the day at Prosperity Social Club.

What was the most interesting misconception(s) you heard about Cleveland when you lived elsewhere? What did you discover when living here that changed your opinion? I always heard that Cleveland is a dangerous place to be with little to nothing to do.  What I discovered is that, like any city, there are dangerous areas but the majority of the city is very safe to be.  There are constantly pop-ups and new things going on, you could never run out of something fun to do here. 

What would be your message/advice to other emerging professionals thinking of relocating to Cleveland? Give Cleveland a chance! There is so much here to discover, and we have a lot more to offer than just affordable real estate.

What is a hidden gem of Cleveland that you think should go viral?  Sixth City Plants and Cycles.  It’s hidden away in Old Brooklyn, but it is a great bike shop and has the best plants!  They sell them throughout the Cleveland Coffee Shop chain, Phoenix Coffee.

What are you most excited to see in Cleveland in the next five years? Lakefront development!!

What would you tell someone who has a negative view of Cleveland?  Spend the day with someone who lives here and you will love it by the end of the day!  There is so much more to do than you think there is, and so many places you never would have thought about if you hadn’t explored in recent years!

Interested in learning more about the neighborhoods of Cleveland? Head over to our sister website, where we have an interactive neighborhood quiz, price calculator, and so much more to explore!


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