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Why we Love Cleveland: Kirby Boes

In an effort to better showcase our early to mid-career professional audience, and be the proud cheerleaders of Cleveland we know we are, Engage! Cleveland will be sharing stories from our Leadership Council. Hear the stories first-hand from the people who live and work in Cleveland, and hopefully become a cheerleader yourself, because this really is the place to be!

Let’s hear from member Kirby Boes.


How long have you lived in Cleveland?
I have lived here for 3.5 years.

Where are you originally from or where else have you lived?
I moved from Columbus.

Why did you choose to move/move back to Cleveland?
I moved to Cleveland in 2020 for my job with Make-A-Wish.

Which neighborhood do you currently live in and what are your favorite parts about it?
I live in Ohio City. I love the sense of community, walkability, bars and restaurants, and proximity to downtown, especially for sporting events!

What is your favorite part of living in Cleveland?
I love the amount of culture and history there is in Cleveland, as well as the amount of sports games to attend.

How does Cleveland compare to other cities where you’ve lived?
Cleveland is much older than Columbus so there’s a lot more history and culture which has been interesting to see and learn more about.

Where would you take a newcomer to show them the best that Cleveland has to offer?
Some of my ideas would be a trip to the  West Side Market, attending a Cavs or Guardians game, visit Lake Erie, or the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

What was the most interesting misconception(s) you heard about Cleveland when you lived elsewhere?
I heard Cleveland was boring but cannot relate!!!

What would be your message/advice to other emerging professionals thinking of relocating to Cleveland?
Definitely get involved in the community through volunteering, leadership groups, neighborhood events, etc. there’s so much to be a part of!

What does Cleveland offer to the emerging professional community that other cities do not?
An incredibly strong sense of community.

What is your pitch of why other emerging professionals should move to Cleveland in three sentences or less?
I have been amazed at the amount of networking opportunities in Cleveland! There are a plethora of corporate businesses and nonprofit organizations to get involved with and make connections through.

What is a hidden gem of Cleveland that you think should go viral?
Engage! Cleveland 🙂

Do you plan to stay in Cleveland in the next 5-10 years? What are you most excited to see in Cleveland in the next five years?
Unsure, but I wouldn’t be mad about it. The Irish Bendtown Park that is currently being created in Ohio City/Downtown is very exciting, I live right across the street from there and have been watching the early stages.

What would you tell someone who has a negative view of Cleveland?
Open your mind!

Interested in learning more about the neighborhoods of Cleveland? Head over to our sister website, where we have an interactive neighborhood quiz, price calculator, and so much more to explore!


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